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‘Jews in Hamburg’ exhibition and the 'Book of Remembrance' for Jewish victims

Museum of Hamburg History.
Model of the Bornplatz Synagogue.
View of the exhibition.
View into the Jewish Department of the Museum of Hamburg History, chapter Persecution and Exclusion in the Nazi Era.

‘Jews in Hamburg’ is a permanent exhibition that recounts the history of the Jewish people in Altona, Hamburg and Wandsbek from the birth of the community to the end of the Nazi regime. The exhibition is on the second floor of the Museum for Hamburg History. It provides information about the Jewish religion as well as the many contributions made by Jewish men and women to the history of the city. The exhibition extensively covers the deprivation of rights, dispossession, deportation and extermination of 20,000 Jewish residents of Hamburg by the Nazis, and it also examines the re-establishment of the Jewish community in Hamburg after 1945 and the development of Jewish life in the present day.

Book of Remembrance
A display case in the first room of the exhibition holds the Book of Remembrance for the Jewish Victims of National Socialism. It was designed in 1964/65 on behalf of the Hamburg Senate by students at the Hamburg University of Fine Arts and records the names and biographical dates of 6,012 Jewish men and women from Hamburg who were murdered by the Nazis and whose identities were discovered through research in various archives prior to 1964. An updated version of the book with many more names was published in 1995 by the Hamburg State Archive and can be viewed in the museum library and in Hamburg’s public libraries.

‘Jews in Hamburg’ exhibition and the 'Book of Remembrance' for Jewish victims
Museum for Hamburg History, Holstenwall 24


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