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Blue panel at the former Farmsen nursing home

Blue information board at the Farmsen nursing home (currently dismantled).
Building at the former Farmsen nursing home.

At the area of the former nursing home complex Farmsen reminds a monument conservation plaque of the history of this major former social welfare institution.

The text on the blue panel reads:

'This nursing home complex, comprising accommodation, administration, commercial and factory premises, was built in 1903 as a branch of the Barmbek ‘Workshop and Poorhouse’. Additions were made in 1912 and in the 1920s. Its inmates were disabled and needy persons who were occupied in the factory, laundry, and in domestic and agricultural service. During the Nazi regime (1933-1945), many of the ‘anti-social’ persons here were subjected to forced sterilisation, deprived of their rights, or deported. Since 1961 this has been a nursing centre and social-therapeutic institute for the mentally handicapped.'

In the 1980s the 'working group for the forgotten victims of the Nazi-Regime' and other initiatives draws the attention to the other side of social welfare, the persecution of social minorities and whose justification after 1945. On 27 January 2013 govermental commemoration done by district government Wandsbek took place the first time in Farmsen. During the 400 anniversary of Hamburg social welfare the follow-up institutions Pflegen und Wohnen and Fördern & Wohnen declared to errect a 'memorandum' on the Farmsen area.

Memorial plaque
Blue panel at the former Farmsen nursing home
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Memorial plaque
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