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Memorial stone for Süleyman Taşköprü

Memorial stone for Süleyman Tasköprü.
Memory of Süleyman Tasköprü.
In memory of the victims of the NSU.

A memorial stone was erected at Schützenstrasse 39 in Hamburg in December 2012 to commemorate the 31-year-old Süleyman Tasköprü, a vegetable seller of Turkish heritage who was murdered in his father’s shop on 27 June 2001 by members of the so-called ‘National Socialist Underground’ (NSU). He left behind a three-year-old daughter.

The NSU murdered people in seven German cities: Nuremberg, Hamburg, Munich, Rostock, Dortmund, Kassel and Heilbronn. In 2012, the mayors of these seven cities resolved to commemorate the victims by erecting memorial stones bearing the same text in each city. The plaques on the memorials explain that the murders were part of a series of deadly racially motivated attacks.

The inscription on the memorial stone reads:

Neo-Nazi criminals murdered ten people in seven German cities between 2000 and 2007: nine fellow citizens who had found a new home with their families in Germany, and one policewoman. We are appalled and ashamed that, for years, these violent terrorist attacks were not recognised for what they were: murders committed out of contempt for other human beings. We say: never again!


Memorial plaque
Memorial stone for Süleyman Taşköprü
Schützenstraße 39


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Memorial plaque