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Memorial plaques for prisoners executed in the Holstenglacis remand prison

Remand prison at Holstenglacis.
View of the remand prison at Holstenglacis and the wall with the information boards.
Information board on the execution site in the remand prison at Holstenglacis.
Three memorial plaques at the remand prison at Holstenglacis.

In 1988, three plaques were placed on a wall in the Wallanlagen park in memory of the french resistance fighters France Bloch-Sérazin and Suzanne Masson as well as four Lübeck clergymen, Hermann Lange, Eduard Müller, Johannes Prassek and Karl Friedrich Stellbrink, all of whom were executed on the site in 1943. Two memorials in Lübeck commemorate the four clergymen: in the crypt of the catholic Probsteikirche Herz Jesu is a documentary site of the impact of the clergymen and the political development in the nazi era. Since 2014 in addition the exhibition '...ich kann dich sehen'  to the topics of resistance, friendship, encouragement of the four clergymen is shown in the evangelical Lutherkirche.

The text on the plaques in the Wallanlagen park reads:

'During the National Socialist dictatorship from 1933-1945, nearly 500 people were beheaded the courtyard of the remand prison at Holstenglacis 3. Women and men who had participated in the European resistance against German occupation and warfare met their deaths here by guillotine.

France Bloch-Sérazin and Suzanne Masson: These two French women were beheaded by guillotine in this prison for their resistance to National Socialist tyranny in occupied France.

In this prison, where so many died in the years of tyranny due to their beliefs or convictions, the three Roman Catholic chaplains Johannes Prassek, Eduard Müller and Hermann Lange and the Evangelical Lutheran pastor Karl-Friedrich Stellbrink, all from Lübeck, were also executed on 10 November 1943.'


Furthermore since 2015 is at the same place in Wallanlagen park a stele which commemorates the executed victims of military justice in remand prison. The stele is part of a program which is in addition to the 'Memorial for deserters and other victims of military justice' at Stephansplatz.

Memorial plaque
Memorial plaques for prisoners executed in the Holstenglacis remand prison
Holstenglacis 3


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Memorial plaque
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