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Memorial plaque for victims from Stellingen

Memorial plaque for victims from Stellingen by Hildegard Huza
Memorial plaque for victims from Stellingen placed in a cellar window
Stellingen townhall

The historic Stellingen town hall was built in a Baroque style between 1912 and 1913. It was the seat of the council of the independent municipality of Stellingen until this was incorporated into Altona. The building housed the local administrative office until 1987 and then the customer service centre for local residents until 2012. It has since been sold to a private real estate company.

In 1987, a memorial plaque was placed next to the entrance to the customer service centre in a cellar window. The plaque was created by the artist Hildegard Huza (born in 1951 in Hamburg). It is made of wood and fits into the frame of the window. The plaque is dedicated to the victims of World War II in Stellingen.

In the centre of the plaque is a stylized depiction of six prisoners encircled by a rope with barbed wire. The dates 1933 and 1945 are inscribed above them. The text to the left and right reads: In memory of the people of Stellingen who resisted, the victims in the prisoner and deportee camps in Stellingen, the victims of the Second World War in Stellingen.

Memorial plaque
Memorial plaque for victims from Stellingen
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Memorial plaque
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